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Our Customers

SalsaFans Dance Studio

Stigma Design Studio was recommended to us by friends at the time we already had a website. We needed someone to optimise our website in a way that it will become more visible for google, yahoo as well as other global search engines. The result from the partnership with Stigma Design Studio was overwhelming. After the first week of the optimization our website was already on the first page in www.google.bg, a bit later it went up and was placed on 5th place. This helped to have our website much more popular and to increase its visitors repeatedly.

Venci Fashion

From the first moment I felt that I did a right choice, for a studio to produce the web site of Venci Fashion. My impressions of the work of Stigma Design Studio are: accuracy, correctness and creativity, and a respect for the deadlines. I was carefully examined about the requirements for the website, and not long after that I was offered several options for the web-site. All my clients liked the vision and the functionality of the web site. Not the least benefit was the website support which Stigma Design Studio offers. I was fascinated by the speedy reaction when I need changes on my web site.
I recommend Stigma Design Studio to all who want to meet understanding and professionalism in making their Web site.

Pacific Islands Club

Our hotels Pacific Islands Club on island of Saipan and Guam (Mariana islands archipelago in Pacific Ocean) work with Stigma Design since 2003. Originally, we have chosen this company due to the more attractive rates on services compared to similar provided by US-companies, as well as because one of our main markets is Russia, and we hoped that the Stigma Design staff will have better understanding about how our web site shall look in order to attract our Russian customers.
However since the very beginning of the process in creating our site we were nicely surprised by the professionalism and effectiveness as well as the efficiency of Stigma Design performance. Today our company web site is known to be the best for Mariana islands as quality and quantity of information and as design. It continuously remain on the first and second pages of Google when our potential Russian customers search online info about our destination. Today our site is a major source of information and work tool for all our business partners in Russia and Kazahstan, as well as an important channel for direct sales in Russia.
Reservations, received through the web site, hold average 7% of the total number of reservations. Close to 20% of our Russian guests has submitted requests on different subjects using the web site forum, online form or other media available on the web site. Many customers had admitted that the convenient and rich on information web site has gained their trust and made them choose Pacific Islands Club as a place to stay. For such conservative country as Russia when it comes to e-business these are very good numbers and results, and we highly apprise not only our sales team in this success, but the cooperation and the active and creative approach to our business of our partners from Stigma Design.
As result of our satisfaction by the high quality of performance of Stigma Design we have recommended this company and continue to do that to those who are looking for the right partners in creating a successful web site. Today partners of Stigma Design are also such Mariana islands companies as MVA (Marianas Visitors Authority) and travel agency Belka Tour, one of the leaders in sales of Mariana Islands as destination in Russia.

Belka Tours

I am not a web design expert. When I start looking around for a web design studio to create the website of my travel company Belka Tours located on Northern Mariana Islands, I was advised to try the Stigma Design Studio. I am glad that I followed that advice and contacted Stigma Design Studio.
Instantly everything was going nice and easy, efficiently and professionally.
I just submitted materials and they did everything else. I liked the proposed layout and I liked their rates even more! Since my corporate site was launched on the net, we felt it on our sales. For past two years our site is on the first page (4-6 position) of www.google.ru 
Thank you, Stigma Design Studio! Kudos!